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  • Dear Jitendra Vala. My Problem & Experience are as under. I was suffering from Skin Itching since last 4 years and my skin condition over a period of time had become worse and do not know what to do and was very much worried. I could not understand what the cause was. I had tried many treatments before Homoeopathy, Allopathy and every possible thing and all those attempts were unsuccessful. Dr Jitendra Vala was just another attempt. To my surprise with 3 months of the treatment my skin itching complaints were much better & Severity of itching has considerably reduced. It’s been slow, steady but very effective treatment. I whole heartedly thank Dr Jitendra Vala for helping me improve my health and live life with new spirit.
    C. S. Porwal (Chartered Accountant) Treated for:
  • i completed my post graduation in M.B.A and recently joined the office where i face confidence issue because of my acne .since i have to do presentation i need to look perfect .since change in life style and mental pressure some how i started with big pustular acne . since i am in corporate world with busy schedule i opted for online treatment from dr jitendra. He consulted me vie skyp and through his holistic approach i totally got rid of the acne complaint within 3 months of treatment .i am really thankful to dr jitendras approach which is beyond comparison.
    Mr. Darshan Gaokar (Mulund) Treated for: Acne