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Terms and condition

Terms, conditions of use, disclaimer and Refund policy

The information provided on this site is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her existing physician. Information and opinions expressed on this website may be those of the doctors who have written them on the basis of their education and experience.

The information provided should be examined in the light of individual case evaluation by local doctors. The website developers, Dr jitendras clinic, Homoeopathy India Foundation, and Dr.jitendravala take no responsibility whatsoever of the consequences experienced by the patients who may use the information provided on this website. Dr Jitendrasclinic  and Dr.jitendras team assure you of the best possible efforts for those who apply for online treatment. However, please note that we do not claim to cure each and every case, nor do we guarantee any magical cure. The homeopathic medicines are essentially free from side effects. Our organization runs a reputed medical center in India and the treatment offered online is from our clinic in India. We have medical license to practice in India. We do not suggest to replace or substitute to the conventional treatment. Our organization takes no responsibility for any presumed complications. It is considered that the user has read and agreed to this disclaimer, when one uses the literature on this site and the online treatment option

About Prescription:

Due to the complex nature of homeopathy prescribing, please note that it is not within the scope of the online treatment service to give any elaborate explanation on the prescription.

Canceling the order after we dispatch medicine No refund.


Please note in case of chargeback requested in error then it would be card holder’s responsibility to bear the chargeback fees.
Chargeback and retrieval request fees are between US$15 and US$60. These fees are imposed by Multicards – our service provider’s bank when they receive the chargeback and/or retrieval documentation from our customer’s bank.

Terms and Conditions:

  • In case of requesting a refund, please send an e-mail  or call our clinic
  • The refund will be made available from our  clinic. The time taken to get refund may be dependent on the factors such as the credit card company, bank or other institutes, over which we may have no control.
  • If the above institutes levy extra charges for refund, the refund amount may vary accordingly.
  • Refund may be made in US$ or Indian Rupees depending on the regulations.
  • Refund request is applicable if made  before the medicines are dispatched

         Dr jitendras clinic reserves rights to modify the refund policy at its discretion, without notice.

  • Patients choosing the wrong treatment plan in terms of location (e.g. choosing India plan despite residing out side India), will have to produce the valid proof of residence, failing which a refund will be given after deducting an amount equivalent to USD 25. The refund will be given in Indian Rupees by a check. 
    Use of our services amounts to agreeing to the refund policy.
  • In case you have questions or queries, please feel free to talk to our support team.
  • In case of refund request  following deductions will be applicable:
    • Consultation : Rs. 1000/-
    • No refund will be available if the patient approaches after dispatching the medicine.
  • If the patient claims to recover within a period shorter than the treatment plan opted for, there will be no refund available, as the treatment plan indicates cost of the treatment up to the specified period.
  • How to request a refund: Patient is requested to produce a receipt of fees. No refund will be available without a valid receipt.
  • The refund may be given only by cheque in favour of the patient (or guardian) who have made the payment. No refund will be made by cash.  
  • In case of unavailability of the accountant outside of office hours, the refund cheque will be sent by post to address within India.
  • Instruction about this Refund Policy has been displayed on the notice board.
  • Starting of treatment confirms that the patient has agreed to this Refund Policy.
  • Refund policy is subject to change without prior notice.