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Hey, greet to all fans of the TV series Swamp Thing, I have good news for you.. The new episode is available. You can watch it for free, however, the number of free slots is limited. To prevent overloading our servers, we introduced mandatory, free registration.

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“Swamp Thing” is about Abby Arcane (Crystal Reed), who wants to investigate the outbreak of a deadly virus in a small town in Louisiana. But soon she finds out that the swamp holds mystical and frightening secrets. As inexplicable horror emerges from the murky waters, no one is safe. The Swamp Thing itself is played by two actors: Andy Bean plays the character in his human form Alec Holland. Alec tries to hold on to his humanity while defending the city and the surrounding nature. Derek Mears slipped into the skin of the monster.

Swamp Thing is a character from DC Comics and was created by author Len Wein and draftsman Bernie Wrighton. Swamp Thing first appeared in 1971 in the Comic House of Secrets in appearance. Wes Cravens The 1982 Swamp thing was the first movie about the DC horror character. In 1989, a sequel followed. A series adaptation aired from 1990 to 1993.


Crystal Reed – Abby Arcane

Virginia Madsen – Maria Sunderland

Andy Bean – Alec Holland

Derek Mears – Swamp Thing

Henderson Wade – Matt Cable

Maria Sten – Liz Tremayne

Will Patton – Avery Sunderland

Jennifer Beals – Lucilia Cable

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