Sukowati Florist, Best Flower Gift Service in Indonesia

If you ask me, whether there is a business with stable profits and relatively large but with the minimum risk, of course I will answer yes of course there are, because I was the proof.

At a glance profile, I am the owner of Sukowati Florist, a convenience store small-scale businesses and included in the category of home industry. Sukowati florist sell and provide services for the creation of a series of fresh flowers such as flower board, flower wreath, condolences, standing flower, hand bouquet, wedding car decoration, decoration of buildings and churches, as well as booking a variety of flower stalk bars and flowers special valentine.

I started as a seller and trader of fresh flowers in the middle of the economic conditions in the country at that time, around the year 2008, is undergoing a monetary crisis and economic difficulties are prolonged, where many factory workers were issued, so much impact on the proliferation of unemployment.

However it did not weaken my spirit to continue to struggle in building a business selling fresh flowers. Don’t require a long time, with a little bit of preparation in the form of the ins and outs of the sale interest including : the location of the purchase of the basic material low interest, planning of store design and product that will sell, until the last step where it is the hardest part of building a business, namely promoting my business so how soon known by the consumer interest with the hope as soon as possible can bring in a profit.

And finally, all my efforts to get a perfect result. Big profit but with the level of risk of loss is minimal. The fact that the business of selling fresh flowers are very profitable :

1. My country is a country with a large population, but tend to have a pattern of the consumer
2. Many companies both local and from abroad that invest in our country, so that there is a network that is so extensive, where there is land promotion and at the same time the land sale of products interest me.
3. Availability of materials interest in my country, where the Sales Center Bunga RAWA BELONG in West Jakarta – Indonesia is one of the flower market the largest in Southeast Asia, so it is not so difficult to get or find the stock of material interest even in the harshest conditions though.
4. The flower business for entrepreneurs and company owners in my country is something to be trending that are so popular in order to approach cooperation and fostering partnership relations between the entrepreneurs with other entrepreneurs, namely by giving the gift of flowers as a gift in certain moments.

Based on the analysis above, then here is the trick in running a business interest in Indonesia.

1. As a first step, with the progress of the internet world and the digital world, build a web trade in this website the sale of flowers is the main thing that I do, of course, with a bit of optimization in the search engines either google or other search engines, making it easy for the search engine services of interest found on our website.
2. Take advantage of social media marketing with the active spreading of the link-the link that leads to our website.
3. Enhance the promotion of products by means of non-digital or conventional means including : brochure, product flyer, business cards, product catalogs and so on.
4. As an additional service to give the bonuses as well as additional gift of gorgeous to the buyer whether the consumer and new consumers, so that they feel satisfied has to shop in our store.
5. And the last is not forget always actively offering promotions and attractive bonuses to all consumers who have become contact us, via email, sms message or offer directly via telephone.

Thus is a little trick and a tip from me, the Flower Shop Sukowati Florist – Jakarta – Indonesia, may be able to make the resources useful input for You all.

Greetings Successful
sukowati florist

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