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Collector’s point of view: Review the personal patek philippe sky moon tourbillon celestial reference. 6102R

Patek Philippe Sky Moon Celestial Ref. 6102R
The night sky will never be tempting. When the sun sets, the darkness hangs over the sky, like a black silk blanket, and the moon and stars appear in the symphony of silver lights. The most abundant image. Now imagine it… on your wrist. This is the Sky Moon Celestial Ref. This is the case with the 6102R.

First introduced at the 2015 Basel International Watch & Jewellery Fair, it is one of only two variants of Ref. 6102, the other is a platinum case with a blue dial. At the time of this writing, I have little reference. The 6102R lasted for 6 months, but it was enough for me to clearly express my views on this fascinating watch. Before I personally experience the watch, we will first understand some technical details.

Ref. The diameter is 44 mm. The 6102R is one of Patek Philippe’s largest timepieces, second only to the Grandmaster Chime Ref. However, this watch maintains a slim profile with a thickness of 9.8 mm. In addition to the generously sloping bezel, reference. The 6102R easily slides under the cuffs of the dress or under the tight sleeves. The aesthetics of the case are performed in a way that only Patek knows. There are obvious steps around the lugs and bezel, and the case is very detailed. Since the band is no longer engraved with the Caltrava cross (as in the previous Ref. 5102), the mirror-polished case becomes less baroque, and in turn, cleaner and more elegant. There are also two slanted crowns at the 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock positions on the band;urwerk watches

Although the case may be gorgeous, the dial does not have a candle. The dial consists of three metallized sapphire discs – one for the night sky, one for the moon phase and the orbit, and one for the front sky and the other of the galaxy. The two triangular hands on the sky map indicate the meridian time of the Moon and Sirius, the brightest star in the Earth’s night sky. The sapphire crystal on the top of the dial is printed with an elliptical profile that forms part of the sky visible from Geneva at any given time. There is also a radial date display around the dial, such as the inner bezel, indicated by a red crescent pointer; this feature is not available in the old function reference. 5102. Hours and minutes are indicated by the hollow feuille. I feel that there is a good balance between not obstructing the look of the dial and maintaining an elegant look.

This watch is powered by the self-winding Calibre 240 LU CL C, an enhanced version of the legendary Calibre 240 Basic Edition. The Celiber 240 (which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year) and its enhanced incarnation also beat many others. Patek Philippe timepieces are like the new world time reference. 5131 / 1P-001 and Calatrava reference. 6006G-001. The Calibre 240 LU CL C is designed to rotate the superimposed sapphire crystal disc that forms the dial at different speeds.

The background is provided by a black sapphire crystal disc with 279 teeth on the wheel; it tracks the orbital position of the moon. Through the planetary gear system, it can also drive a wheel with a sapphire crystal disc that shows the moon phase in a small round hole. In addition, the 356 gear above it rotates a transparent sapphire crystal disc, depicting the sky map. In fact, the Calibre 240 LU CL C is a complex job, and one should expect a sport that can organize celestial ballet on the wrist.

The movement seen from the back of the case is exquisite and beautifully decorated, although there is no extra decoration; you get your usual polished fare chamfer and screw cap, Almo goes to Geneva, perlage and engraving. The 22k gold engraved miniature rotor is on the same plane as the bridge and provides up to 48 hours of autonomy.richard mille felipe massa replica


On the wrist – my personal experience
I will be the first to put my hand (and wrist) on top and say Sky Moon Celestial Ref. The 6102R is an "oversized" watch. It is 44 mm in diameter and wears a lot on the average wrist and is not wearable on the smaller wrist. I think the watch is "acceptably big" on my wrist because the end of the lug is just a touch rather than an overlap on the edge of my wrist. Such a watch needs a lot to maximize the visual impact of the dial. Please allow me to say that despite its diameter, when you put the watch on it, it feels great because: a) it is very thin, and b) it is faded ornate. Countless times, I found myself lost in the depth and beauty of the dial.

Of course, the fast and complex functions of chronographs and minute repeaters are interesting, but the speed is slow, poetic, undeniably useless astronomical complications, really affecting the heartstrings. I also appreciate the design and craftsmanship of the case, most notably the emotional stepped lugs and the wide slanted bezel, which reflect the incident light in a spectacular way (think of a rectangular diamond bezel without diamonds). Due to the thinness of its watch, the watch is very comfortable to wear because its weight lies in what I call the "Golden Girl Zone" – not too heavy, not too light, but very good. In addition, Ref. A glossy black alligator strap and a gold Calatrava cross-expandable clasp. The 6102R creates an elegant and affluent atmosphere that perfectly matches the watch. They also ensure that the watch is always fixed and maintains the proper balance on the wrist;

Date or no date?
Regarding the implementation of the date function in the reference. 6102, many people criticized it for being inappropriate, and only destroyed the purity of the dial – I personally are not so cynical. The existence of the date function has greatly increased the practicality and complexity of the timepiece. The best part is that Patek Philippe wisely chose the most unobtrusive way to display the date: the central date hand and the surrounding date scale. In addition, the date-date function of the date is a perfect complement to all the slow astronomical complications on the dial and adds poetry. In short, although the shortcomings of the date function are obvious, the extra dimensions it brings to the watch prove its presence on the dial.hyt skull replica

Setting the display requires patience
All displays are set correctly and accurately in the reference. 6102 is a relatively time consuming and painstaking process, especially when you do it for the first time. You must first visit the page on the Patek Philippe website that specifically sets up Sky Moon Celestial, enter the time and date, and follow the instructions generated. To set the moon, you may end up rotating the crown for up to 10 minutes when you see the moon spinning more than 28 times around the dial and the moon phase changes at a lazy speed.

Of course, how long you spend adjusting depends on how far away you are from the actual moon phase, but the point is that the lack of a quick set button – dent or other – makes the process simple. This is the real kicker: If you accidentally set the moon phase too far, you have to start the process again because you can’t go backwards. Fortunately, setting up a sky map is much faster, even when it comes to a similar process. Are all these efforts worthwhile? Actually it is! Knowing that you have an incredibly accurate and correctly set track moon and sky map, this is an amazing feeling; it feels like the secret of heaven is tied to your wrist, it may sound cheesy.

Final thought
As far as astronomical observations are concerned, Sky Moon Celestial may be the best example. I really enjoy every moment on my wrist. The pleasure I got was not only due to the close-up appreciation of the watch and its craft, but also the ability to share such a fascinating timepiece sample with its companions and its peculiar complexities. It is hoped that Patek Philippe will never stay in its whimsical Sky Moon Celestial series! best replica watch site


Patek Philippe Nautilus Automatic Ladies Reference 7118 / 1R

Patek Philippe launched two rose gold Nautilus with a silvery white or gold-white dial.

The Rose Gold Lady Automatic Nautilus series was launched in 2015 with diamonds. Patek Philippe is enriching its choice of watches, the new version uses a pure gold bezel.

The 60-meter water-resistant case features the Nautilus design of the first men’s watch introduced in 1976. The two long side lugs mimic keyholes and hinges on the porthole, and the octagonal bezel has softened angles and beveled sides. . The subtle expression of the contrasting finish on the bezel and case emphasizes the originality of the structure – the top is satin finish and the side is mirror polished. The dial is available in two colours: silvery white and golden creamy. Soft wavy embossed pattern – Ladies Nautilus’s signature features – give these elegant watches a strong personality. The applied numerals and hour markers as well as the hands are made of rose gold and a luminescent coating to ensure optimum readability. The date aperture at 6 o’clock is enhanced with a rose gold frame.

These two new technologies from Patek Philippe’s casual women’s style include the technically finished movement 324 SC self-winding movement (bridge with chamfered, polished edges and Geneva stripes, rotor with round Geneva stripes and carved Calatrava Cross, etc.) ), you can enjoy the sapphire crystal case back in the following ways. The rose gold bracelet combines polished and satin finishes with a new folding clasp and adjustment system that allows the wearer to get an extra bracelet length of 2 to 4 mm for added comfort. Even when wearing a watch, you can simply pull one or two halves of the bracelet by simply attaching the clasp. New reference. The 7118 / 1R-001 and 7118 / 1R-010 with plain gold borders are placed side by side with Refs. Model 7118 / 1200R with diamond replica watches

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