male sexula problem-oilgospermia(low sperm count)

Oligospermia (low sperm count)-30yr old IT Engineer got cured of his sever

oligospermia and got new hope of his life.


Patient Name- Mr. Mevada         

Age – 30years

Occupation – software engineer

Address -Thakur village, Mumbai


Disease- Oligospermia (low sperm count)


mr mevada a male aged 30 years visited dr jitendra  with a sad face and a bagful of reports. He was accompanied with a friend who is our existing patient.

He had lost all his hope and stopped his treatment nearly 3 years ago for a problem called as oligospermia where the sperm count of the person is below the normal level .

He was frustrated by the outcome of his previous treatment. His last report showed that the viability of spermatozoa was nil or zero and also the motility was nil. Disappointed by this he had stopped all treatments thinking that his future was sealed with no hope of having a child.

He visited dr jitendra on September/2013  and advice the report after one month

October we again took report and as expected by dr Jitendra, report came very positive. Sperm count increased to substantial level from nil.

He advised to stop another treatment of  IVF   and go for the normal conceiving under homeopathic treatment…..



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