male sexual problem-low sperm(oligospermia)

Name- Mr gokhle

Address- shirdi

Case id- J 1111

Disease- Low sperm count

Mr Gokhle staying in shirdi and  having being married since 7 years was unable to conceive and tried many  ways of treatment … but all the things are vain .. has spend lakhs of rupees for conceiving.. the basic problem was low sperm count (sever oligospermia)less then 4 million .. and after many attempt they got severely depressed and lost interest in every thing .. no desire to do anything and couple started feeling so much solitude and hopelessness ..and they were deterioration from their health …they were referred to me by my relatives and we started treatment on November 2012 and within 5 months his sperm count increased drastically ..He is very happy also.. Still he is continuation of the treatment.. now he is relived from all bypass procedure and relaxed ..Now things are normal and just waiting for natural conceiving…






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