kidney disease-nephritis

Case Studies: 75 year old housewife found 80% relief in nephritis syndrome and gout within one month of treatmen

 Patient Name- Mrs. Parmar    

Age – 75 years

Case 0d-438          

Occupation – House Wife   

Address – Thakur village, Mumbai      

Disease – Nephritis syndrome/uric acid (kidney disease)


Bhavna Parmar visited dr Jitendra on 18/10/2013..she was suffering since 2 year …..


She was having edema and swelling on lower leg .


Pain on the feet which made her total handicapped..


Her creatinine and uric acid level checked which came very high ..


She is on medication for blood pressure and present complaint since long but no improvement.


On 7/11/2013 she got very much relief in her suffering ..


Her swelling reduced remarkably and pain is very less …


Can manage her daily activity..


Report came very positive with marked reduction of uric acid and creatinine level.


On 11/12/2013..much better and in all expect. Issue of constipation was there. Prescribed medication..


17/01/14 much better in all respect. Again report came very good…

latest report

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