Is there a treatment/cure for genetic or life-style disease e.g.: Cholesterol, Diabetes, Arthritis in Homoeopathy and length of treatment for the same?

There is good treatment for diabetes, arthritis, and cholesterol in homoeopathy. One needs to understand that there are long-term goals and short-term goals. In the long run one wants to prevent or delay the complications of diabetes, cholesterol, etc. Long lasting and very chronic diseases need longer treatment obviously. Arthritis responds wonderfully to homoeopathy
However one needs to look into individual case to see if it is of autoimmune origin like rheumatoid arthritis or it is because of gout and uric acid or it is age related degeneration etc. One will need to remain under treatment till the person in general feels very good. Diet, regular exercise, yoga and meditation are a must to bring long lasting and permanent cure in chronic cases.
In difficult cases of diabetes or insulin dependent diabetes one may need to continue some allopathic treatment. Slowly as the condition improves under the advice of a diabetes-specialist, those drugs can be reduced.

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