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Integrated Approch

We have adopted the integrated approach with the blend of science & spirituality, making holistic approach toward suffering of the mankind, thus serving the mind, body & soul.

The integrated approach includes various parameters to follow for any individual’s complete well being, these parameters are:

  • Homeopathy: Treatment with the edge of spirituality safe, gentle & simple method of medication without suppressing the diseases removes it from the roots permanently by increasing the immunity of the individual.
  • Diet & Nutrition: An important factor to be considered in many diseases & individual nutrition planning concerning the disease.
  • Pranic Healing : is a highly developed & tested system of energy based healing techniques that utilizes “Prana” or “Life-Force” to balance, harmonize & transform the body’s energy processes. Pranic Healing is applied to the aura, which contains the mold & blueprint of the physical body.
  • Metaphor therapy.
  • Emotional empowerment therapy.
  • Past life therapy.
  • Stress Management: It is the common denominator included in today’s life, novel approach is adopted in its management by counseling &  holistic homeopathic approach.
  • Yoga & Meditation: Wherever necessary supportive treatment is adopted in the form of Yoga, Meditation & Exercise, which helps in attaining physical, mental & spiritual disciplines & concentrates on health & purity of the body.

Some time it is necessary to resort to treatment in conventional medicine, either medical or surgical. A patient is advised accordingly.