In an acute condition like fever, loose motion, etc. after giving Homoeopathic medicine, for how long should you wait till you give allopathic medicine?

In acute situations the patient and the homoeopath needs to remain in touch and evaluate the progress of the case. In loose motions there is no harm waiting, as long as the child is taking as much fluids as he looses. As long as he passes urine there is no harm waiting till the diarrhea subsides in a couple of days.
Treatment of loose motions and related ailments is to replace the fluid. Most cases get well with homoeopathy and fluid replacement. The amount of fever does not matter. Fever is good for the system. It is a sign of good immune response. In some children who have tendency to febrile convulsions, to avoid it, one may need to give crocin, etc. In malaria cases one needs to evaluate every day and see if the general parameters are improving. If the intensity of the fevers and chills are getting better over a period of 2-3 days one can wait with homoeopathy.

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