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How the online consultation service exactly works? The online consultation service works mainly over the Internet. There could be a situation where if the doctor needs to seek some clarification to help him close the information gap, he might make … Continue reading

Aging is not a disease, rather a series of processes that continue throughout the life cycle. Age related changes include deterioration in vision and hearing, dental problems, osteoporosis (weakening of bones), deterioration of memory. Loss of muscle strength and vigor, … Continue reading

Yes, homoeopathy can treat all the diseases but in certain emergency for a short time we may require help from other systems or sciences for e.g.: If someone is very anaemic (Hemoglobin less than 4 gm%), or status epileptics or … Continue reading

Anxiety Disorder can be treated with Homoeopathy with excellent results. In people with Anxiety disorder, worry about any situation is often unrealistic or out of proportion to the situation and this in turn can lead to many physical and mental … Continue reading

Many children with developmental disabilities, autism and learning disabilities respond extremely well to homeopathic treatment. In fact there is treatment for such disorders only in homoeopathy. There have been excellent results with delayed speech, ADHD, enuresis, attachment disorders and conduct … Continue reading

Yes, like any other disease, Cancer too is curable with Homoeopathy provided it is diagnosed early & treatment starts before it spreads to other organs. In those cases where already there is metastasis of the disease to other organs/systems of … Continue reading

Coffee or any other food with very strong taste and smell is best avoided but in case one needs to take it, then the coffee can be taken with sufficient gap with the medicine (at least 1 hr). Mild coffee … Continue reading

Homoeopathic treatment is individualistic and holistic. The constitutional remedy is selected on the basis of the individual patients history and taken to keep a person healthy and in good vigor.

In acute situations the patient and the homoeopath needs to remain in touch and evaluate the progress of the case. In loose motions there is no harm waiting, as long as the child is taking as much fluids as he … Continue reading

There is good treatment for diabetes, arthritis, and cholesterol in homoeopathy. One needs to understand that there are long-term goals and short-term goals. In the long run one wants to prevent or delay the complications of diabetes, cholesterol, etc. Long … Continue reading