Case study of – Disesease – acne rosasea since 5 years – Mrs. Sirodkar


Case of acne rosase

Name :- Kalpna Sirodkar

Age :- 23

Profession :- job

Case id :- J1051

Ms sorodkar suffering since long with the acne rosasea and tried all the expensive way of treatment ..all the cosmetic on skin treatment but no  use it keeps on growing along with that other complaint also started…then finally come to me and it was very badly treated complaint and because of that complaint  she fed up and found dipression…she was also suffering for the  complaint of pcod and it was intresting that no body treated her main complaint of pcod…

I started her treatment on 11/07/2013 and within three weeks she started showing improvement  without any application on the face and she continue  the treatment and she is much better in all aspect …happy after long suffering in vein

Case study of – Disease – Respiratory complaint – Bronchitis – Mrs. Kothari

Name :- Mr Kothari

Age :- 4years

Case id :- 710

Resident :- kandivali-thakur complex

Mr kothari comes  to me after having being  treated for the cough and cold and bronchitis and gastric disorder since child hood and finely fed up with all antibiotics decided to find some safe way to deal with this complaint and come to me by name and through locals and having many doubts regarding treatment and with very low confidence we started her treatment on  17 of sept-2011 and within few week changes started appearing .. cough and cold started decreasing and recurrence and intensity decreased a lot and appetite and general health improved and found that its safe  to continue with this treatment and she continue with the same and now she is fine and enjoying good health and  always take homeopathy for all the further complaint….

Case study of – Disease – Chest pneumonia and recurrent bronchitis – Master. Dsouza

Name :- Master Dsouza

Age :- 16 month

Resident :- Andheri

Case id :- 1019

Master dsouza after being treated  by allopathic medicine  for his respiratory tract infection it was hampering his growth and continuously falling sick with fever and sever form of bronchitis and  decided to come out from this vicious cycle and they opted for the some alternate approach and from my patient referral landed to my clinic …

It was so painful to see such a young child become victims of the allopathic drug and side effect of the drug…finally after starting treatment on 21/march .2013 he  started improving in his appetite and in the complaint .. Frequency of bronchitis attack reduced drastically and now his immunity is quite good to deal with all the complaint since starting of the treatment they are much happy and out of all the drugs…

And he enjoying his good health..

His x-ray report come very good.. Pneumonia resolved totally and no further attack, still in continuation for treatment other issue also..

Case study of – Disease – Respiratory complaint – Bronchitis – Mrs. Hetal Pawar

Name :- Hetal Pawar

Age :- 40years

Profession :- house wife

Case id :- (J1001)

Mrs Hetal age( 45 years comes ) with chief complaint of bronchitis with breathless complaint since 8 month  tries allopathic medicine but no relief , complaint get worsen working under water and more in the night…dust also worsen the cough ands vomiting with cough sticky and sour vomiting..

Since 8 month of complaint she started losing the strength and developed weakness and breathlessness. Anything eaten sour worsen the complaint…also there is menopausal complaint of

Joints pain complaint.

History of abscess..

On the history she is very mild and very frightened with quarrels and episode started after his elder son quarrels with husband…weeping with the complaint.nad become very sensitive toward other impressing. Feel hurt very easily. Duty conscious adjustable..Lacking the love .care affection..

Dream of village/home/duty/pursued being/fear of injuries/

Follow up after few days she started feeling good.. wheezing went away..and cough subsided and felt much better…No cough. no breathless .No wheezing.much better . still in continuation

Case study of – Disease – Ophthal – Eye – Keretoconus – Mrs. bahvika

Name :- Mrs. Bahvika

Case no :- J711

Profession :- house wife

Resident :-mumbai-fort

Case of keretoconus

Mrs  bhavika ( Case REF J711) having complaint of keratoconus since 1996 with symptoms of  itching of eye  and pain(sever) ,pain on reading , sever headache.. Along with that watering of the eyes

Headach complaint of since long

Along with vertigo complaint of since many years..

With back pain..with many gastric complaint

Very emotional person, kind, sympathetic with other history

Started taking treatment in oct 2011

Within year her right eye keratoconus cured (with investigation report) and left eye very less is remain.. no headache.. no gastric complaint … no of eye  reduced a lot…

Still in continuation of the treatment of her for other complaint

aking treatment in oct 2011

Within year her right eye keratokonus cured ( with investigation report) and left eye nov very minor is remain .. no headach.. no gastric complaint … no of reduced a lot…

Still in continuation of the treatment of her for other complaint

Case study of – Disease – Fatty liver with hypertension and obesity – Mr. Sankar Joshi

Name :- Sankar Joshi

Age :- 30

Case id :- J946

Profession :- civil engineer

Mr sankar comes with lots of hope from hopeless answer from all the treatment to his fatty liver complaint referred by my patient..

He developed fatty liver complaint and with obesity to which he was taking treatment but no improvement his pathology report showing more deterioration..he started taking treatment with hope in November  2012 his condition started improving  in terms of mentally and physically both..

Investigation report comes very positive,

SGOT and SGPT report show mark improvement same time all the complaint shows very fast recovery he is still on treatment and very happy to see smile on his face…

10A 10B


Case study of – Disease – Gastrological complaint – Piles. Fissure – Mrs. Gokhle

Name :- Mrs gokhle

Case id :- J857

Age :- 60 years

Resident :- Bhopal – Mumbai

Profession :- Retire

Case of hemorrohide.

Mrs  gokhle (documented case) age  60 years comes for the complaint of piles and fissure….along with burning, itching and bleeding started complaint of. Along with that protrusion of the piles, and adviced for the operation .but she refused for the operation.and much feared and anxious for the same..  She also has constipation problem since 12 years and also operated for the ovarian cyst complaint….

She lost her husband at very early and her nature is very sensitive to quarrels and about the disease and she feels that she is not needed now, she feels forsaken. She want to be independent…

There are many dreams  and other physical and mental pattern . analysing both physical , psychological complaint started treatment on  jun 2012 and within first week she started feeling good and there is much improvement in all the sphere .. she still continue the treatment for other complaint ..piles is no  more trouble…..

Case study of – Gastro – Entro complaint – Mr. Shashi Shetty

Name :- Shashi Shetty

Age :- 24year

Case id :- J535

Profession :- Student

Resident –Mumbai – Kanidavi – thakur complex

Case of 24 years boy with complaint of the fissure iin the rectum and bleeding episode frequent , operated for the same but complaint recurr again and again even eating out side spicy food and also eating heavy food.  He also have complaint of the abdominal pain and recurrent throat infection .eating out side food ( escpecially  chines  and spicy food  gives complaint of hard stool and motion along with bleeding and very much burning sensation. And developed  boil around the anal region which is very painful and pustular with unbearable pain..

Because f this pain his life got very disturbed , being a science student and ambitious he was not able to concentrate on the study and same time there lost of food which he has to avoid and very poor digestion complaint of…

On the history problem run in the family also…given homeopathic medicine fissure and bleeding recovered and last two year find much oimprovment both in physical and mental sphere .

Boils subsides and no more fissure and bleeding episode. Still in continuation with treatment whenever its required..for seasonal complaint…..

Case study of – Disease – Gestroentro – Piles and fissure – Mr. Rajnikant Gohil

Name-Rajnikant gohil

Case id-J990

Resident-mumbai –malad

Profession – merchant in jewellery

Mr rajnikant came with chief complaint of bleeding painful piles …

Takenayurvedic for years found relief but it keep on recurring with intensity and was not able followe the strict diet regime of the ayurveda and finally decided to go for operation but  one of patient reffered it to me to try once before surgery…

He was motion problem ,,,constipation and hard motion which is very troublesome with fissure which causes the bleeding

And esp after having anything spice he immediately developes the pain and it creates lost of worry and problem…not able to go out and also not able to carry out daily routine …

showing improvement ..pain is very less and constipation is much better since then he is still in continuation in treatment

Recent follow up

No pain…

No bleeding

No piles and fissure

Occasional pain if take lots of spicy food but still compare to better its neglegable…

No worry following of strict diet

And happy and improved …

Case study of – Disease- female – Gyneac case- PCOD, Ovarian cyst – Mrs. Pilgaokar

Name  pilgaokar(case id 894)

Age 21

Resident Mumbai

Proffesion – pursuing C.A

Case of right ovarian cyst with irregularities in period

M/s Bharti ( case ref J 894) comes with the chief complaint of irregularities in period and also with right sided ovarian cyst ..and period also comes before time with pain ,… also right knee pain …on hormonal treatment since long  but then it started disturbing the function and started developing the irregularities in the menses  and started postponing the period for month…

We started treatment on august 2012 and on after treatment she started getting the period on time and after sonography cyst also resolved and neormalise the period .. she still on the treatment…