feamale case-ovarian tumore

Name  m/s sheetal (case id 2015)

Age 24

Resident Mumbai

Proffesion – hostess

Case of right ovarian tumor with pcod complaint

M/s sheetal( case ref J 894) comes with the chief complaint of irregularities in period and also with right sided ovarian tumor ..and period also comes irregular ,… many mental trauma and disappointment .she was on state of depression and also sever back pain …on hormonal treatment since long  but then it started disturbing the function and started developing the irregularities in the menses  and started postponing the period for month…after long treatment gynecologist advised for laproscopy on the basis of tumor.

she got scared and started with my treatment and within 3 months she got ride of her tumor and also started getting her menses regularly.

We started treatment on 25/12/2013 and on after treatment she started getting the period on time and after sonography tumor also resolved and normalize the period .. she still on the treatment…




skin complaint -psoriasis

Mr kulkarni got his selfesteem back.thanks to Dr.jitendra.vala

Mr kulkarni tried a hard to cure psoriasis since 10 year but all in vein and finally dr.jitendra started his integrated approach for the psoriasis he recovered so fast withing year his eruption started getting cure .he is thanks to homeopathy and Dr.jitendra .




male sexual problem-low sperm(oligospermia)

Name- Mr gokhle

Address- shirdi

Case id- J 1111

Disease- Low sperm count

Mr Gokhle staying in shirdi and  having being married since 7 years was unable to conceive and tried many  ways of treatment … but all the things are vain .. has spend lakhs of rupees for conceiving.. the basic problem was low sperm count (sever oligospermia)less then 4 million .. and after many attempt they got severely depressed and lost interest in every thing .. no desire to do anything and couple started feeling so much solitude and hopelessness ..and they were deterioration from their health …they were referred to me by my relatives and we started treatment on November 2012 and within 5 months his sperm count increased drastically ..He is very happy also.. Still he is continuation of the treatment.. now he is relived from all bypass procedure and relaxed ..Now things are normal and just waiting for natural conceiving…






female problem-ovarian cyst

Name-mrs pawar



Add-Thakur village

Disease -hemorrhagic  ovarian cyst

Mrs pawar comes with the complaint of the hemorrhagic cyst. Was very scared ..she was suffering from pcod since long and all the complication of the pcod..and all of the sudden diagnosed with hemorrhagic cyst and she also operated once for the same and faced hell like situation because of that (cyst burst inside)and operated immediately and this again she got this cyst and advice again operation ..She with scary and hesitate mind came to me I gave her assurance and ask her to perform the sonography after fifteen days after starting my treatment and she was amazed that cyst disappeared totally and she lost weight also. Very for her decision and continue with other problem and also full family started homeopathy…

3A 3B

male sexula problem-oilgospermia(low sperm count)

Oligospermia (low sperm count)-30yr old IT Engineer got cured of his sever

oligospermia and got new hope of his life.


Patient Name- Mr. Mevada         

Age – 30years

Occupation – software engineer

Address -Thakur village, Mumbai


Disease- Oligospermia (low sperm count)


mr mevada a male aged 30 years visited dr jitendra  with a sad face and a bagful of reports. He was accompanied with a friend who is our existing patient.

He had lost all his hope and stopped his treatment nearly 3 years ago for a problem called as oligospermia where the sperm count of the person is below the normal level .

He was frustrated by the outcome of his previous treatment. His last report showed that the viability of spermatozoa was nil or zero and also the motility was nil. Disappointed by this he had stopped all treatments thinking that his future was sealed with no hope of having a child.

He visited dr jitendra on September/2013  and advice the report after one month

October we again took report and as expected by dr Jitendra, report came very positive. Sperm count increased to substantial level from nil.

He advised to stop another treatment of  IVF   and go for the normal conceiving under homeopathic treatment…..



kidney disease-nephritis

Case Studies: 75 year old housewife found 80% relief in nephritis syndrome and gout within one month of treatmen

 Patient Name- Mrs. Parmar    

Age – 75 years

Case 0d-438          

Occupation – House Wife   

Address – Thakur village, Mumbai      

Disease – Nephritis syndrome/uric acid (kidney disease)


Bhavna Parmar visited dr Jitendra on 18/10/2013..she was suffering since 2 year …..


She was having edema and swelling on lower leg .


Pain on the feet which made her total handicapped..


Her creatinine and uric acid level checked which came very high ..


She is on medication for blood pressure and present complaint since long but no improvement.


On 7/11/2013 she got very much relief in her suffering ..


Her swelling reduced remarkably and pain is very less …


Can manage her daily activity..


Report came very positive with marked reduction of uric acid and creatinine level.


On 11/12/2013..much better and in all expect. Issue of constipation was there. Prescribed medication..


17/01/14 much better in all respect. Again report came very good…

latest report

5B 5A

Diabetes – Mrs. Patil



Occupation- house wife

Add-thakur complex

Disease-diabetes/hypertension/arthritis of knee

Case id-J699

Mr patil comes with the compakint of arthritis and diabetic complaint..having being treated

for since years diabetes and arthritis was not coming under control and situation was becoming

more complicated.. finaly he aproched to me for the treaatmet and we started treatment .. and

improvement very good ..arthritic pain symptom regarding knee pain is alsmos negligible and

diabetes started reducing very well ..and blood pressure no.. and mentally more calm .still in

continuation ,….

6b 6a



Case of fatty liver – Mr. Disouza

Name :- Mr Disouza

Age :- 46 years

Residient :- Thakur village – kandivali – mumbai

Occupation-manager in mnc

Case id-J552

Complaint- fatty liver and uric acid problem

7A 7B


Mr disouza comes with the complaint of the chronic skin rashes with itching ( urticarial rashes ) along with joints pain and liver pathology and also comes with recurrent cold and cough problem on seasonal changes ..operated for the piles but still problem persist and having motion complaint …tired of taking medicine for the cholesterol and and uric acid complaint finally lended up with for the complait of cold and coungh he wasjust accidently visited me with his friend who is my patient for many chronic complaint ..and we just started for the cold and cough and urticarial rashes and he got very quick and satisfying result and didn’t take any antibiotic after that after  6 monthe decided to go for his more chronic complaint of his fatty liver and uric acid complaint we started the treatment on February 2012 slowly slowly his pathology also started reverting back to normal.. his cholesterol level improved

Uric acid level become normal

His liver function become normal

Urticaria no issue

Piles no issue

Motion normal

He is happy and satisfied and still in continuation of the treatment

Case study of – Disease – trichology-(hair fall) Mrs. Goyal


Name :- Mrs goyal

Case id :- J935

Age :- 30

Profession- Working in Aviation department

Case of hair fall

8B 8A


Mrs goyal( ref no J935( video case)…having complaint of hair fall since 6 months…hair fall on combing, washing , just within 6 month hair just became half of the previous …she tried all short of treatment , shampoo, and much more but no improvement..

The origin of the problem started after having miscarriage once and blaming herself for the same…she is very ambitious, hard worker and practical, but because of the grief she was not able to succeed in both the sphere of her life that is professional and personal sphere of her life …..On the base of her history and evaluation her case both on mind and body we started her treatment

Within a week of treatment she started improving on

Her hair fall reduced drastically .

Her appetite improved. She started feeling more happy and vibrant again. She is still in continuation..

Case study of – Disease – Skin eczema – Mr. Porwal

Name :- Mr Porwal          

Age :- 50years

Profession :- C.A

Case id :- J151

Residennt :- mumbai – Kandivali

Case of eczema and anxiety disorder

Mr porwal Ref no (  )  age 45 comes with the chief complaint of the eczema on the hand and aso on the back since  two year.. taken allopathic medicine for the eczema but there is no  relief and goes on spreading on the othe part of the body…..

There is history of the jaundice wich could not diagnosed early and just with local medicine for the superficial complaint got relief but it went on increasing and at the end got bed ridden for the complaint and took treatment for the same for the  three four month …and after that he never recoverd fully on the consequences he developed very much anxiety toward the problem and also int the professional and personal life .. got very scared regarding not able to recover  … weaknes prevail afterward ..

Digestion got hampered and all together fear startded creeping and avoidace of the business tour for long because of health issue and with gastric complaint and also there is fear regarding the family and anxiety about not able to cure ….then got tendency toward high pressure and then ultimately he shift for the homeopathy with us…

On the exaiminationa and on the detail case history we come to conclusion about that

Anxity is very marked on all the sphere and being very intellectual and perfectionist we gave him dose of XXX1m and occasional XXX 1m and he has done remarkable very well and he is in the treatment since last 3 year and very happy in all the way…

There no eczema anymore…

Digestion is good

No anxiety and fear …

Improved in professional and personal life…

In between got the prostate enlargement that also recovered fully

Pressure also normalise

Weight also reduced and stabalised

Felt energetic  and freshed

Now advice for the regular check up once in three month ..now on no any medication…