Case study of – Disease – trichology-(hair fall) Mrs. Goyal

Name :- Mrs goyal

Case id :- J935

Age :- 30

Profession- Working in Aviation department

Case of hair fall

8B 8A


Mrs goyal( ref no J935( video case)…having complaint of hair fall since 6 months…hair fall on combing, washing , just within 6 month hair just became half of the previous …she tried all short of treatment , shampoo, and much more but no improvement..

The origin of the problem started after having miscarriage once and blaming herself for the same…she is very ambitious, hard worker and practical, but because of the grief she was not able to succeed in both the sphere of her life that is professional and personal sphere of her life …..On the base of her history and evaluation her case both on mind and body we started her treatment

Within a week of treatment she started improving on

Her hair fall reduced drastically .

Her appetite improved. She started feeling more happy and vibrant again. She is still in continuation..

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