Case study of – Gastro – Entro complaint – Mr. Shashi Shetty

Name :- Shashi Shetty

Age :- 24year

Case id :- J535

Profession :- Student

Resident –Mumbai – Kanidavi – thakur complex

Case of 24 years boy with complaint of the fissure iin the rectum and bleeding episode frequent , operated for the same but complaint recurr again and again even eating out side spicy food and also eating heavy food.  He also have complaint of the abdominal pain and recurrent throat infection .eating out side food ( escpecially  chines  and spicy food  gives complaint of hard stool and motion along with bleeding and very much burning sensation. And developed  boil around the anal region which is very painful and pustular with unbearable pain..

Because f this pain his life got very disturbed , being a science student and ambitious he was not able to concentrate on the study and same time there lost of food which he has to avoid and very poor digestion complaint of…

On the history problem run in the family also…given homeopathic medicine fissure and bleeding recovered and last two year find much oimprovment both in physical and mental sphere .

Boils subsides and no more fissure and bleeding episode. Still in continuation with treatment whenever its required..for seasonal complaint…..

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