Case study of – Disease – Endocrinology – Hyperthyroidism – Mr. Hangande

Name-Mr hangande


Case reference –J828

Resident –Mumbai

Profession – manger in IT company

Mr Hangande( documented with lab report) case of hyperthyroidism  ….with the complaint of chest pain started along with sudden weight loss  around 10 kg of weight loss …vibration of the body and also there is marked weakness and breathing problem. and constipation complaint ….neck pain and calf pain .. along with other complaint

On mental sphere very anxious and frightened …with domestic and job related complaint of…very restless complaint of ……other issues

On the basis of mental and physical complaint started treatment on march ..

Within 3 week of treatment he stop losing further weight and weakness started improving and also there is improve in appetite and thirst also there is improvement in the blood pressure…no constipation ,,,weight started improving and much better ..he continued the treatment within 3 months everything came under normal ..

On investigation thyroid came on normal and still he is on continuation of the treatment and normalize in every sphere.. now more calm and more focused….still in continuation



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