Case study of endocrinology – Disease- diabetes malitus – Mr. Yadav

Name – mr yadav


Profession- civil contractor

Case id-J914

Resdident –mumbai -borivali

Disease- diabetes malitus

Case of diabetes
Mr Yadav (ref  J914) work as a building contractor comes with the complaint of diabetes since 1 year and also having hypertension since 10 year ..

Also have kidney stone complaint three times..

No history of typhoid malaria /jaundice/T.B

On detail history and on the analysing the case from the all angel the problem originated after the the  huge financial loss one year back and from then onward problem started occurring..body started feeling numb and always on the fear and anxiety..

On the basis of his detail history and complaint ( mental /physical )we started treatment on  sep 2012 and within first fifteen days only he started feeling good on the mental sphere and also there is remarkable decreased in anxiety and fear started feeling good. and sugar and pressure also started reducing then before..

On the second follow up there is further improvement in the complaint in spite having tension he finding himself on the ease and focused and started exercising also . this time also his sugar reduced and comes under normal range .. in one month he improved on both mental and physical sphere..And we reduced the dosage of diabetes and hypertension …we checked on every fifteen days   and still pressure and sugar is under normal range and after one month ageing we reduce the dosage and still he have no pressure and diabetes ……

*diabetes masurment done both in clinic and certified by pathological lab





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