Case study of – Disesease – acne rosasea since 5 years – Mrs. Sirodkar

Case of acne rosase

Name :- Kalpna Sirodkar

Age :- 23

Profession :- job

Case id :- J1051

Ms sorodkar suffering since long with the acne rosasea and tried all the expensive way of treatment ..all the cosmetic on skin treatment but no  use it keeps on growing along with that other complaint also started…then finally come to me and it was very badly treated complaint and because of that complaint  she fed up and found dipression…she was also suffering for the  complaint of pcod and it was intresting that no body treated her main complaint of pcod…

I started her treatment on 11/07/2013 and within three weeks she started showing improvement  without any application on the face and she continue  the treatment and she is much better in all aspect …happy after long suffering in vein

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