Case study of – Disease – Skin eczema – Mr. Porwal

Name :- Mr Porwal          

Age :- 50years

Profession :- C.A

Case id :- J151

Residennt :- mumbai – Kandivali

Case of eczema and anxiety disorder

Mr porwal Ref no (  )  age 45 comes with the chief complaint of the eczema on the hand and aso on the back since  two year.. taken allopathic medicine for the eczema but there is no  relief and goes on spreading on the othe part of the body…..

There is history of the jaundice wich could not diagnosed early and just with local medicine for the superficial complaint got relief but it went on increasing and at the end got bed ridden for the complaint and took treatment for the same for the  three four month …and after that he never recoverd fully on the consequences he developed very much anxiety toward the problem and also int the professional and personal life .. got very scared regarding not able to recover  … weaknes prevail afterward ..

Digestion got hampered and all together fear startded creeping and avoidace of the business tour for long because of health issue and with gastric complaint and also there is fear regarding the family and anxiety about not able to cure ….then got tendency toward high pressure and then ultimately he shift for the homeopathy with us…

On the exaiminationa and on the detail case history we come to conclusion about that

Anxity is very marked on all the sphere and being very intellectual and perfectionist we gave him dose of XXX1m and occasional XXX 1m and he has done remarkable very well and he is in the treatment since last 3 year and very happy in all the way…

There no eczema anymore…

Digestion is good

No anxiety and fear …

Improved in professional and personal life…

In between got the prostate enlargement that also recovered fully

Pressure also normalise

Weight also reduced and stabalised

Felt energetic  and freshed

Now advice for the regular check up once in three month on no any medication…

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