Case study of – Disease – Respiratory complaint – Bronchitis – Mrs. Kothari

Name :- Mr Kothari

Age :- 4years

Case id :- 710

Resident :- kandivali-thakur complex

Mr kothari comes  to me after having being  treated for the cough and cold and bronchitis and gastric disorder since child hood and finely fed up with all antibiotics decided to find some safe way to deal with this complaint and come to me by name and through locals and having many doubts regarding treatment and with very low confidence we started her treatment on  17 of sept-2011 and within few week changes started appearing .. cough and cold started decreasing and recurrence and intensity decreased a lot and appetite and general health improved and found that its safe  to continue with this treatment and she continue with the same and now she is fine and enjoying good health and  always take homeopathy for all the further complaint….

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