Case study of – Disease – Respiratory complaint – Bronchitis – Mrs. Hetal Pawar

Name :- Hetal Pawar

Age :- 40years

Profession :- house wife

Case id :- (J1001)

Mrs Hetal age( 45 years comes ) with chief complaint of bronchitis with breathless complaint since 8 month  tries allopathic medicine but no relief , complaint get worsen working under water and more in the night…dust also worsen the cough ands vomiting with cough sticky and sour vomiting..

Since 8 month of complaint she started losing the strength and developed weakness and breathlessness. Anything eaten sour worsen the complaint…also there is menopausal complaint of

Joints pain complaint.

History of abscess..

On the history she is very mild and very frightened with quarrels and episode started after his elder son quarrels with husband…weeping with the complaint.nad become very sensitive toward other impressing. Feel hurt very easily. Duty conscious adjustable..Lacking the love .care affection..

Dream of village/home/duty/pursued being/fear of injuries/

Follow up after few days she started feeling good.. wheezing went away..and cough subsided and felt much better…No cough. no breathless .No wheezing.much better . still in continuation

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