Case study of – Disease – Gestroentro – Piles and fissure – Mr. Rajnikant Gohil

Name-Rajnikant gohil

Case id-J990

Resident-mumbai –malad

Profession – merchant in jewellery

Mr rajnikant came with chief complaint of bleeding painful piles …

Takenayurvedic for years found relief but it keep on recurring with intensity and was not able followe the strict diet regime of the ayurveda and finally decided to go for operation but  one of patient reffered it to me to try once before surgery…

He was motion problem ,,,constipation and hard motion which is very troublesome with fissure which causes the bleeding

And esp after having anything spice he immediately developes the pain and it creates lost of worry and problem…not able to go out and also not able to carry out daily routine …

showing improvement ..pain is very less and constipation is much better since then he is still in continuation in treatment

Recent follow up

No pain…

No bleeding

No piles and fissure

Occasional pain if take lots of spicy food but still compare to better its neglegable…

No worry following of strict diet

And happy and improved …

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