Case study of – Disease – Gastrological complaint – Piles. Fissure – Mrs. Gokhle

Name :- Mrs gokhle

Case id :- J857

Age :- 60 years

Resident :- Bhopal – Mumbai

Profession :- Retire

Case of hemorrohide.

Mrs  gokhle (documented case) age  60 years comes for the complaint of piles and fissure….along with burning, itching and bleeding started complaint of. Along with that protrusion of the piles, and adviced for the operation .but she refused for the operation.and much feared and anxious for the same..  She also has constipation problem since 12 years and also operated for the ovarian cyst complaint….

She lost her husband at very early and her nature is very sensitive to quarrels and about the disease and she feels that she is not needed now, she feels forsaken. She want to be independent…

There are many dreams  and other physical and mental pattern . analysing both physical , psychological complaint started treatment on  jun 2012 and within first week she started feeling good and there is much improvement in all the sphere .. she still continue the treatment for other complaint ..piles is no  more trouble…..

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