Case study of – Disease- female – Gyneac case- PCOD, Ovarian cyst – Mrs. Pilgaokar

Name  pilgaokar(case id 894)

Age 21

Resident Mumbai

Proffesion – pursuing C.A

Case of right ovarian cyst with irregularities in period

M/s Bharti ( case ref J 894) comes with the chief complaint of irregularities in period and also with right sided ovarian cyst ..and period also comes before time with pain ,… also right knee pain …on hormonal treatment since long  but then it started disturbing the function and started developing the irregularities in the menses  and started postponing the period for month…

We started treatment on august 2012 and on after treatment she started getting the period on time and after sonography cyst also resolved and neormalise the period .. she still on the treatment…

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