Case study of – Disease – Chest pneumonia and recurrent bronchitis – Master. Dsouza

Name :- Master Dsouza

Age :- 16 month

Resident :- Andheri

Case id :- 1019

Master dsouza after being treated  by allopathic medicine  for his respiratory tract infection it was hampering his growth and continuously falling sick with fever and sever form of bronchitis and  decided to come out from this vicious cycle and they opted for the some alternate approach and from my patient referral landed to my clinic …

It was so painful to see such a young child become victims of the allopathic drug and side effect of the drug…finally after starting treatment on 21/march .2013 he  started improving in his appetite and in the complaint .. Frequency of bronchitis attack reduced drastically and now his immunity is quite good to deal with all the complaint since starting of the treatment they are much happy and out of all the drugs…

And he enjoying his good health..

His x-ray report come very good.. Pneumonia resolved totally and no further attack, still in continuation for treatment other issue also..

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