Case of fatty liver – Mr. Disouza

Name :- Mr Disouza

Age :- 46 years

Residient :- Thakur village – kandivali – mumbai

Occupation-manager in mnc

Case id-J552

Complaint- fatty liver and uric acid problem

7A 7B


Mr disouza comes with the complaint of the chronic skin rashes with itching ( urticarial rashes ) along with joints pain and liver pathology and also comes with recurrent cold and cough problem on seasonal changes ..operated for the piles but still problem persist and having motion complaint …tired of taking medicine for the cholesterol and and uric acid complaint finally lended up with for the complait of cold and coungh he wasjust accidently visited me with his friend who is my patient for many chronic complaint ..and we just started for the cold and cough and urticarial rashes and he got very quick and satisfying result and didn’t take any antibiotic after that after  6 monthe decided to go for his more chronic complaint of his fatty liver and uric acid complaint we started the treatment on February 2012 slowly slowly his pathology also started reverting back to normal.. his cholesterol level improved

Uric acid level become normal

His liver function become normal

Urticaria no issue

Piles no issue

Motion normal

He is happy and satisfied and still in continuation of the treatment

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