Can homoeopathy work on old patients-80 years old plus?

Aging is not a disease, rather a series of processes that continue throughout the life cycle. Age related changes include deterioration in vision and hearing, dental problems, osteoporosis (weakening of bones), deterioration of memory. Loss of muscle strength and vigor, decreased sexual drive, hypertension, diabetes, risk of heart disease, etc. A balanced diet, regular exercise, moderation in some habits like alcohol and complete avoidance of habits like smoking, maintaining a regular hobby; in short adopting a healthy lifestyle can help a person age in a healthy manner. Homoeopathy is effective in patients of all age groups: from the pediatric (children) to the geriatric (old age). The age related complaints mentioned above may not have a cure in any system of medicine but in cases where any one symptom is particularly distressing Homoeopathy can provide symptomatic relief. Many elderly patients may be suffering from chronic diseases for many years; in such cases the emphasis is to give symptomatic relief and make the patient comfortable. This would also be the approach in terminally ill patients. Cure can be hoped for in complaints or diseases of a more recent onset that are not necessarily related to old age; for example an elderly patient who suddenly developed an anal fissure and who had never had this problem through his life was treated successfully for his complaint with a few months of homoeopathic treatment.