Can homoeopathy treat all diseases or there are some diseases which cannot be treated by homoeopathy?

Yes, homoeopathy can treat all the diseases but in certain emergency for a short time we may require help from other systems or sciences for e.g.: If someone is very anaemic (Hemoglobin less than 4 gm%), or status epileptics or status asthma where very frequent attacks can do some damages to the body. So only after controlling the emergency we give our medicine. Similarly if there is vitamin deficiency e.g. in gastric or peptic ulcer vitamin B12 deficiency. So till we rectify the problem external B12 is fine. In cases of infection, the immunity fights with the infection and this fight is reflected as fever. Homoeopathic medicines stimulate your immune mechanism to fight the infection. Thus you develop better resistance power. Very high fever and body pain etc symptoms may create a lot of physical discomfort and sometimes panic in patients mind (especially in cases of children) To avoid this suffering, we keep a constant watch on patients with acute symptoms and advise them to take Crocin or Ibugesic if fever goes above 102 degree. This reduces their suffering and also gives Homoeopathic remedy some time to act.
There are some signposts that one should look for to make sure that it is not only Crocin that is working but there is deeper cure with Homoeopathic medicines.
• Change in main physical complaints.
• Intensity and frequency of fever, body ache etc. reducing
• Patient starts feeling better generally and in energy. His appetite etc. returns.
• Blood investigations reveal the reversal of pathology.
Patients with acute complaints need constant supervision and we advise patient to call up frequently as needed.
How do you get the information (special, peculiar symptoms) from a child?
In children we usually observe every move and behavior of the child keenly and carefully. In case of infants and toddlers the observation of the homoeopath and the mother are most crucial. In older children (by age of 5 onwards), we speak to the child and find out the individual nature of each child. This is done by talking to the child about his fantasies, his favorite stories, cartoons, characters, things he gets scared of, dreams, etc. We also ask every child to draw whatever they would like to during the consultation. The drawings do not have to be meaningful but everything the child tries to draw or color or scribble is observed. The mothers’ history during her pregnancy is also inquired into. The mother and father are interviewed if needed to understand their personalities and character traits because children very often have traits common with their parents. All this is studied in detail to find the exact personality and peculiar nature of each child.

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