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About Us

Dr. Jitendra Vala B.H.M.S (MUM), DNDP (AUS) is well known Homeopathic practitioner & Nutritionist practicing in Mumbai, treated over hundreds of difficult & chronic cases successfully providing the better life to people through Homeopathy, Nutrition, Counseling & Meditation with Care & Concern.

Having experience of more than 5 years, he is well known for his immense patience, calmness & better understanding of diseases. Treating thousands of patients in short span of time has given him great insights into Homoeopathy.

Clarity in treatment concepts and simplicity has earned him the regards of his patient in various parts of India and many countries world over. Attending many seminars, group discussion since many years has given him in-depth experience of the difficulties faced by Homoeopaths in their practice.

  • Graduated in Homoeopathy from the best institute in Mumbai..
    : done diploma in nutrition and diet planning from tulip international collage of well science affiliate od GCTA, Australia…
    : alos learn the pranic healing and successfully employed for their patience
    :Always open to learn and find the wholestic approach for the difficult cases…
  • Practice in Kandivali(east), a quiet, suburb in north Mumbai (Bombay), India
  • Provide Homoeopathic care to patients from all strata, age groups and from different parts of the world
  • Patients come to them from countries like dubai , abudabi,America and other part of India.

Clinical Experience:

  • Have cases of paediatric cases,psychatriac cases, chronic renal failure, asthma, thyroid, eczema,Psoriasis, Arthritis, pneumonia, PCOD, Hair loss,Piles, sinusitis,migraine, and epileptic seizures, Diabetes malitus , Hyper tension, AND MANY MORE which have been taken care of successfully with Homeopathy.and acute complaint very well managed like fever, diarrhoea etc…. These cases have been regularly monitored pathologically and evaluated by specialists
  • Have had an independent practice as Homoeopathic consultants for the last 5 years at kandivali (east)
  • On process of settling of satellite practice set up in other part of the world
    : ON THE PROCESS OF settling the online clinic

Our Mission:

To spread homeopathy globally in its purest form & make people believe in advantage gained by this integrated approach towards patient’s health.