Case study of Hemali – Disease – diabetes and kidney stone

Mrs Hemali(J 841..documentewith laboratory investigation) ( house wife and beautician) comes with complaint of diabetes since two month also complaint of  kidney stone ..

Cramps on the legs complaint of. Very sever cramp can’t sit. Stand because of the cramp…

Cough complaint of since long…

There is mark weakness, eating little makes nauseated.. sever acidity complaint of .

Back pain complaint of. Sleep disturbance complaint of ….

Complaint of motion is also there..

Urinary infection is also recurrent..

There is marked weakness

and no desire for anything . No activeness  …along with that suffocation and body feels so weak that it vibration also started

Integrating the physical symptoms with mental history and dream analysis we started the treatment on April 2012 ………..

On the first follow up cramps increased ….cough is there with more phlegm coming out easily .motion normal. Knee pain reduced. Sleep improved… gastric complaint improved…appetite improved..More important is he started feeling GOOD AND ACTIVE..We continue with the same

After two month of treatment cramps decreased al lot and all other complaint there is marked improvement along with that season complaint of fever and cold cough.. Treated well with homeopathy..

On examination diabetes reduced then before continue with same treatment after 5 month of treatment her all the complaint improved and diabetes comes under normal without any allopathic medicine and still in continuation with the treatment

  • Blood sugar tested and certified by pathology lab