Case study of – Disease-Endocrinology- Diabetes malitus – Mr. Gautam

Name- Gautam

Age-35 years

Case id-J852

Profession- senior civil engineer

Resident- Mumbai-kandivali(thakur village)

Case of diabetes 3

Mr gautam( ref J852) ( document and lab test) ( senior engineer in reputed construction company)

Comes with complaint of diabetes since 5 years . main complaint is palpitation and fear of death

And fear of misfortune going to happen and dying ..along  with that constipation and  gaseous and acidity complaint. very poor digestion, has to go for motion after eating..

Breathlessness complaint of …

On the mental sphere always worried, tense, anxious and fear of disease and misfortune  and many other complaint…started homeopathic complaint on may 2012 and with regular follow-up

He improved remarkably….there marked reduction in fear . tension , anxiety sugar reduced …

In every follow up sugar comes on the normal range after 2 month we started reducing the sugar dosage but still his sugar is under a normal and ultimately we stopped the allopathic since 3 month and only on homeopathy his sugar is under normal condition .. no more palpitation..

Only gaseous complaint is recurrent ….